Your Auto Insurance Rates: You Have More Control Then You Realize

Are you the kind of person that likes to be in control of everything that goes on around them? Some people do not realize that they have control over their auto insurance rates, but rather think the insurance company has the control.
It is true that they're going to tell you what your rate is according to your driving record, but the information you provide to them is what they're going to base it on as well.
Here are a list of things that you have control over that do affect your auto insurance rates.
1. Driving record.  This is the single biggest factor that auto insurance companies consider when they're setting your rates. Keep in mind that the longer you go without a ticket or an accident the lower your next premium will be.
2. Your spouse. If you're married both of you should be on the same insurance policy. Generally married people get a better rate on their premium than single people or individual policies do.
3. How old are you? The longer you drive without an accident the better your insurance rates going to be. Many people have gone for years without a ticket or an accident.
4. Your credit history. Auto insurance companies look very close at your credit history to determine your level of responsibility. Many people are not even aware what's on their credit report, and that there are items that should not be there. Do what you can to clean up your credit report and that can bring a lower car insurance premium your way.
5. Choose affordable deductibles. The higher the deductibles the lower your premium and many times people have set their deductible at a lower rate than it really needs to be. Your deductible should meet the laws of the state you live in and be adequate to cover repairs or replacing your automobile if you're ever in an accident.
6. Compare auto insurance companies. When you're looking at one auto insurance policy compared to the next make sure that all factors are equal. This is the only way to get a fair comparison of the rates that are being charged for collision and comprehensive, medical, liability insurance, and deductibles.
You do have more control on your auto insurance rates then you realize. These are 6 things to keep in mind.