Winning The Game Of Dealing With Car Insurance Companies

Even with the help of the Internet it can be aggravationg trying to find the right information on dealing with car insurance companies. That's what we want to try to do in this article. We will talk about things you can do personally,and as a family to get better car insurance rates.
1. Kids. Take a look at whether it's cheaper to nclude them on your policy or to get a policy on their own. Many times it's easier of and less expensive to add them. If cost is an issue let them know what the monthly premium is and that you expect them to pay you directly.
2. Car alarm. If you have a car alarm your car insurance company will consider that when establishing your rate. This is true with any feature that you add to your car that can help protect it. Be sure and check to see things you can do on your policy to get a better rate.
3. Do more then the minimum. The minimum required auto insurance is going to vary from state to state. Generally this is not adequate insurance to protect you if you are in an accident. Fixing your car can cost more than what your car insurance company is going to pay you back, so you want to up that to the necessary amounts. 
4. Drop collision and comprehensive? As the value of your car decreases you may be able to save money by not including comprehensive and collision on your policy.  Determine the value of your car and how much you're spending each year to ensure it. At this point you can decide if you want to make adjustments that can save you money.
5. Increase deductible. If you are in a car accident the amount of the deductible is what you are going to spend to fix your car up. Determine the risk that you're willing to live with and increase your deductible to lower your monthly premium if you're comfortable with that.
6. Add an older person. If you are young driver you may be able to pay less to the insurance company if you add an older driver to your policy. Car insurance companies view them as less risk, so even if they're not driving having them on a policy could lower your total premiums.
7. Know exactly how much you drive. Elderly drivers generally drive less, and by knowing exactly how much they drive each year, listing that could mean a reduction in your premiums.
8. Buying a new car? Oftentimes when we buy new cars we fall in love with the car and establish the monthly payment before we determine how much it's going to cost to insure it. Before you sign the contract on the car know exactly how much it's going to cost you for car insurance, so you can factor that into your total monthly payments.
In conclusion these are a few tips you can follow to win the game of dealing with car insurance companies.

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