Why Young Males Pay Higher Car Insurance Rates

There has been diverging opinions on why young males pay higher insurance rates as compared to the young females or even the older category. Different people have tried to come up with the reasons that could lead to the difference, with some reasons being deemed as inconclusive thus leaving the debate that young males pay higher car insurance rates. 
According to experts in the insurance industry, there are different factors that make the young males pay higher insurance rates. These factors are related to the youthful stage and all the mental and physical changes that characterize the stage. Some of these factors include:
Youthful stage is characterized with high energy in the body, this means the young males are most likely to drive faster and less likely to fasten their safety belts. From the records of reckless drivers and the drivers with excess passengers, young males are seen to have a bigger percentage. 
All these driving mistakes are likely to cause accidents and have the insurance company take the burden. Thus to make it even, insurance companies have to charge young males higher car insurance rates as they are more likely to cause accidents.