Why Don't People Get Car Insurance?

I think it's safe to assume that people don't buy car insurance primarily for a couple of reasons.
1. Money.
2. They forget.
Some people think car insurance is too expensive and they cannot afford it. In other instances they may forget to purchase car insurance, or let their policy lapse while they're trying to find a new insurer to cover them.
What starts out to be one month, extends into two, and then three, and so on. If you're spending $100 a month on insurance, in six months you can save over $600 not having car insurance.
This is a pretty risky position to put yourself in. If you're stopped by the police, or ticketed, you're going to be fined for not having car insurance as well.
Plus when you go to renew your car registration you must have car insurance or you're not going to get your registration renewed. You then run the risk of driving on expired license plates which is very expensive in most states today.
Another thing to consider is car insurance companies are going to charge you more if you suffer a lapse coverage. Any money you think you may be saving, in reality you're probably going to end up paying that plus more when you do finally get insured.