Top Five States With The Cheapest Car Insurance Rates

Each of the fifty states constituting the USA has different car insurance rates. In some states the rates are cheaper than in others. Car insurance rates are determined by the regulations on car insurance as well as the driving environment of the state.
This article discusses the five states with the cheapest car insurance rates as well as the reasons that contribute to this.
This is the state with the cheapest car insurance rates. The state has an average annual premium rate of just $935. This cheap rate can be attributed to the fact that most of the state is rural with very little city-driving.
The state’s strict restrictions imposed on young drivers and its advanced licensed program can also be attributed to this cheap rate in Maine.
It is the second cheapest state in terms of car insurance with an annual average premium of $1,029. Just like Maine, Lowa is also a rural state with the largest city having a population of 200,000 people. There is a common joke in this state that you know the person you hit and thereby won’t be in a hurry to sue each other over car accidents.
North Carolina
North Carolina comes in third place with an average annual premium of $ 1, 086. The state, though densely populated, has some of the best highways in the USA, something that contributes to its low car insurance rates. The country’s second largest highway is in the country.
The average annual premium of $ 1,105 is good enough to land Ohio in fourth place. It is the seventh most populous state but has very good roads that contribute to its low car insurance rates. The historic National road that is 228 miles long is in Ohio.
New Hampshire
The state has an annual average premium rate of $1,113. It is the fifth smallest state in the country with a population of just 1.4 million people. It also prides itself in having well-maintained system of highways.
Just like aforementioned, different states have different car insurance rates. The above discussed are the top five states with the cheapest car insurance rates. You now know where to buy your car insurance premium.