Innovation in Auto Insurance Sales

Arbella Insurance has been recognized for their innovativation in Auto Insurance Sales by Best Review.  In an announcement posted on Arbella's website, the insurance carrier was given praise for their Carpartment program that serves as a starter package for young adults.  The website posting goes on to say that young adults comprise a large demographic, many of whom are being left out of the insurance conversation.  While most adults have auto insurance, only about 30% of those in rental housing have rental insurance.  You can read the article in its entirity here:

Arbella plans to bundle auto insurance and rental insurance.  This is yet another program that illustrates a need for a comparative rater.  QuotePro provides comparative rating in over 40 states including Illinois, Indiana, California, Arizona, Texas and Florida.  The QuotePro comparative rater can bundle insurance, such as auto insurance with homeowners insurance, or auto insurance with SR22s and certainly Auto Insurance with Rental insurance.

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