How Many Car Insurance Quotes Should I Get?

If you are a first time car insurance buyer then the obvious question is how many car insurance quotes should I get? Well, that can be a tricky question. If you are planning to go for new car insurance there are many things to consider. 
If you already have car insurance the question is whether you are paying more than the market rate. The insurance companies will hardly hep you to get your answer. You have to do adequate research and compare other products to find out whether it is really worth it to continue your existing insurance plan. Online insurance buying can be a bit tricky.
1. How to get quotes? While, there are a plethora of companies out there, the mode of buying insurance is just 2. You can either go through an agent or buy online. The method of getting quotation remains the same. You can either go for online or offline. The rule of thumb is to go for multiple companies and request them for a quote. Getting a quote is easier than ever. You need to fill a simple form from your end to receive the quotation.
2. What are the things to look for? The first thing that you must to do is to compare the prices. That said, prices should not be the only consideration while choosing an insurance plan. You must look at each quotation carefully. If it is a vivid quotation, look for terms and conditions. There are companies who will give you lower rates but it will keep going up with different conditions. Try and compare the terms and conditions for each and every company from where you receive the quotation.
3. Ask people about the service. Most companies will claim big but the actual performance can only be found out when you actually take the insurance. So, it makes sense to ask around. Take feedback from people who have used the service. Many online portals have their feedback and discussion forums. Check these forums and get a feel of the discussion. At times these discussions can reveal a lot about the company’s services.
4. Visit the website of the state insurance department. The state insurance website will have tons of information about a company. You will also find important and useful information in the consumer section of the website. Check out about a company’s license status in the state. If you do not find any insurance company registered with the state transport, strictly refrain from them.
5. Check the payment terms. While most companies accept payment through cheques, online transfer, there are a few who strictly accepts cash through agents. It is also a good idea to find out the duration of the payment. 
Some companies demand one shot payment. That said there are companies which accept payments that are monthly, quarterly or even half yearly as well. If you are a given an option regarding this, choose the duration that best suits your need. Rather than asking how many car insurance quotes should I get, consider all the other aspects that has been discussed in the above section. Do this right and you will surely end up taking the best insurance plan in town.