Filing A Car Insurance Claim: Follow These 9 Steps

Getting involved in a car accident can be a very stressful experience, regardless of the nature of the accident; major or minor. It is an unpleasant experience especially if you have never been through this process with your car insurance company. 
It is therefore important to know the proper steps involved in filing a car insurance claim. This will save you from the pressures that come with an accident and may also help you save money that could come from filing a claim incorrectly
The following steps are to be followed to file a successful car insurance claim after an accident.
1. It is important to properly inspect your insurance policy. Read and re-read it so that you understand your responsibility and your Insurer’s responsibility in the event of an accident.
2. Call 911. In case of a life-threatening injury to either parties involved in the car accident, call 911 for medical assistance.
3. Notify the police about the accident. This should be done urgently depending on the nature and fatality of the accident.
4. Exchange contact information, auto insurance information, collect the license plate number, and addresses of the other person involved in the accident.
5. Look for witnesses at the scene of the accident who are willing to tell impartially what they saw and also collect their contact information. In case you are not able gather information it is better to insist on getting an accident report or an incident report from the police officer. It is important to get an independent account of what happened because at times the other parties involved may give conflicting stories.
6. 6. Contact your Auto Insurance Company. The contact details of your Insurance Company are listed on the front side of your insurance card. The Insurance Company will typically assign an Insurance claim representative and in some other cases, a claims adjuster will be sent to the scene to assist you in answering questions regarding your Insurance policy and to investigate the scene of the accident.
7. The details which your Insurance Company will request when you file a Car accident claim include:
· Your names
· Car Insurance Policy Number
· Car Insurance Policy effective dates
· Date of the accident occurrence
· The name of the other driver(s)
· Address and telephone number of the other Driver(s)
· The driver’s license number and the License plate number of the vehicle(s) involved in the accident.
· Who was at fault
· Copy of the ticket issued and nature of damage suffered
· The events surrounding the car accident; Time of day, weather conditions and why you were driving the vehicle.
8. The adjuster will come to analyze the damage suffered by your vehicle, or he may ask you to take the vehicle to him in case of a minor accident. He will estimate the cost it takes to repair the vehicle or restore it if it is totaled.
9. The Insurance Company will then cut a check to cover the amount required for repair. They may advise on a specific repair shop at times. Fill the paperwork presented by the adjuster and accept the offered payment check.