Education & Your Premiums reported today that the premiums paid for auto insurance can be affected by many non-driving factors such as education level & credit history.  The article said that, "The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) studied credit-based insurance scores and car insurance and found that credit information was indeed an effective predictor of claims that consumers will file.  Thus, in states that allow this as a rating factor, car insurance companies can use your credit score to predict your future claims, and thus use it in their calculation of your final premium."1

"This article underscores the value of using a quality comparative rater for both the agency and the carrier," said Chris Albu, Sales Manager for QuotePro, a Chicago-based software development company who have been creating the most comprehensive, reliable comparative rater available for the insurance industry.  "Being able easily adapt your product offering to the subtle nuances of each market's differences allows QuotePro's users to confidently rate in different states."  Albu then went on to highlight the differences in questions that QuotePro's comparative rater can ask to meet the specific requirements of each state.

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1Retrieved on May 31, 2013 from

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posted on Wednesday, July 17, 2013