Cheap Car Insurance And Single People

Single people drive just as much as married people do. Maybe more. The problem is when they're trying to find cheap car insurance, because chances are as a single person you are going to pay more for car insurance than a married or a mature individual.
Single people are usually younger. Single men 23 years and younger are going to pay more for car insurance then a single man that's 29 years old. Women in general will pay less than a man, but the rules of cheap car insurance for them apply as well because they will not get as good of a rate as a married woman would.
In general single people or younger have more accidents and tickets. They also don't have an established credit history which can affect their premium.
Single drivers who have had accidents and speeding tickets fall into the high risk category. Their rates are definitely going to be higher.
The lowest auto insurance rates for a single man under the age of 25 who does not have a perfect driving record is going to find their rate is higher when they go about getting an auto insurance quote. Women of the same age with a good driving record are considered to be less of a risk so they're going to find cheaper car insurance quotes when they're single.
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There are other factors that go into determining what the rate will be when you're single.
For starters where do you live? If you live in a metro area where the population is higher than in a rural area you are considered to live in a higher risk area because there's more traffic. Also living in a metropolitan area the chances of crime increase and that will be reflected in your car insurance rate as well. The chances of vandalism, or even somebody stealing your car increases the more people there are where you live.
Driving record is important no matter how old you are in determining what your car insurance rate will be. However, younger singles tend to speed, or even drink while driving more than an older mature person would. You want to be cautious of these things because they can stay on your record and affect your insurance rates for up to 10 years after it happened.
Another factor is the type of vehicle that you drive. A new SUV is going to cost more to insure than an old pickup truck.
The number of claims you've had or accidents can affect your rate. Again younger singles tend to be in more accidents therefore they're going to pay a higher rate.
What kind of job do you have? If you are in an industry where you drive a lot you're going to pay a higher rate. Your education level and grade point average can also have a positive effect.
With car insurance it is all about risk. Cheap car insurance and single people generally do not fare as well.
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