Car Insurance and Car Tipping

KTVU in San Francisco reported that vandals hit the streets of San Francisco for a fun night of car tipping. Not cow tipping which was popular in the 1970's. but car tipping. 
They were dressed in black sweatshirts and hoods to disguise themselves and in a ten block area of the Bernal Heights and Excelsior neighborhoods between 1:00 and 3:00 a.m they tipped over and damaged 4 Smart Cars.
Not sure why they thought this was funny, but I guarantee you the owners of the cars that were damaged are not laughing. This does bring up a good point about car insurance though.
You are probably carrying the right amount of collision insurance, but how about comprehensive insurance? Do you have that on your policy as well?
Collision insurance is a descriptive term that means just what it says. If you get an accident with another car your collision insurance is going to help cover the repairs less your deductible. 
Because most people don't really ever believe they're going to be in an accident, often times today are not carrying collision insurance, or they do not have enough to cover them when they really need it.
The good news is it's very easy to add to your policy because you're probably already have comprehensive car insurance. This is going to cover you for unexpected things that happened to your automobile that are out of your control.
Some of these include: animals, falling trees, fires, floods, hail, storms, theft, and vandalism. In certain parts of the country comprehensive insurance can be fairly expensive just due to storms that include hail which can really damage your car.
With the price of cars being as expensive as they are if you take good care of it you may be able to resell them at a good price. This right there is a good reason to make sure you have proper comprehensive and collision insurance on your car.
If you're carrying a loan on the car you're going to need to have enough comprehensive insurance to protect the lender in the case of something happening. If you pay cash you may be given the choice of whether to include comprehensive coverage, but again for resale value it may be worth doing that.
Think about this for a minute. What if your car is tipped over and damaged? At that point wouldn't you rather have comprehensive insurance to pick up this unexpected damage rather than have to come up with the money out of pocket?
Another instance when it's nice to have this kind of his insurance is if your car stolen. Not only expensive cars are targeted! Certain models can be attractive to thieves, and older cars are attractive because they can be stripped and the parts can be sold.
Hybrid cars and Smart Cars are the wave of the future. They are obviously easy to tip, but carrying comprehensive insurance along with your collision insurance on your policy can apply to any car for a number of reasons.