Car Insurance-The Lowest Rate Is Not Always The Best

Don't you wish you could predict the future, especially when it came to car accidents? We could all just stay home and not drive that day. We certainly wouldn't have to buy car insurance because we would never be an accident!
If you live in a big city you probably see an accident every day. Even in less populated rural areas accidents happen. You may have never been in an accident which can lead you to believe that you don't really need car insurance.
Insurance is the law. You may literally spent thousands of dollars over the course of your life and never be in one accident, but you are only insuring yourself for that one time when you are.
Some people feel they're invincible and they shop for insurance based strictly on what is the lowest rate. That's usually not the best car insurance buy.
As is the case with almost every purchase you make, cheaper is not usually better.  There is a quality issue at play here. Even when it comes to car insurance quality does matter.
Usually when you get a lower car insurance rate you're opting for less coverage.  You may never even notice that until the one time when you do have an accident.  It's at that point you're probably going to wish you would have spent a little more and got a better policy.
At the very least you need a car insurance policy that allows you to legally drive. Then you may want talk to your agent about what are the most common kinds of accidents and what type of insurance would you need for those.
You need to get a car insurance quote that covers you as though you are the victim and not the cause of the accident. You also have to consider that the person who does cause accident may not have insurance.  
It's difficult to get their insurance company to fix your car when they do not have insurance. When the police are called they will have to deal with that, but that's not going to do you any good at the auto body shop.
Another thing to consider beyond your automobile is your health. If you ever end up in the hospital due to an automobile accident, and don't have adequate coverage, that could cause you to go into bankruptcy.
You've probably seen television ads where a lawyer is encouraging people to pick up the phone and call them if they have been in a car accident. Some people view a car accident as a way to increase their income, or maybe even set up their future, and you don't want that to be at your hands.
Health care costs continue to rise, and with Obamacare nobody knows exactly where they're going to stand in the future. You can eliminate that uncertainty if you ever are a car accident by having adequate medical coverage on your car insurance policy.
At this point hopefully you are convinced that the lowest rate is not going to be the best when it comes to car insurance.

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posted on Friday, March 14, 2014