Car Insurance-Price Or Quality?

Car Insurance-Price Or Quality?
The primary reason that we all buy car insurance is to protect ourselves in case of an accident. Another reason of course is that it's required by the law, so you don't have any choice if you want to drive legally.
Here's the thing about car accidents, you never know when you're going to be involved in one. You could drive for several years and never have an accident, and then be involved in two in one week.
I'm sure that we would all feel safer if we didn't have to drive, but the next best thing on safety is to have car insurance and know you protected when you need it. Even if you pay your premium every month and never use it it is still there for when you do.
There is one problem that the average driver faces. Car insurance is not necessarily cheap, and when people are faced with financial decisions and looking for places to cut corners, sometimes auto insurance is one of the places they want cut.
You have to define in your own mind what the best car insurance for your situation is. That might be to choose a quality policy that provides lots of features and high customer service, or it might be to get a quote for the lowest price and take your chances.
The problem about getting poor coverage is when you do need to file a claim it is then realize exactly what you're getting for the premium you pay every month. This can be very frustrating if you don't have enough insurance, or you're not getting any help from your insurance company. At that point you may feel like you have been wasting your money every month!
Here's the basic question you need me to ask yourself. What is the minimum car insurance that you need in case you are in an accident.
You might be the safest driver in the world, but most accidents happen because the other driver is not. For example, if you're involved in a multi-car pile up how much money do you need to replace your car if you total it and manage to walk away? A new car can run $25,000 and up depending on the model you choose.
What if you don't walk away, and you end up spending time in the hospital? Do you have adequate car insurance to cover an extended stay in the hospital as well as fix your car? 
You can play around with this a little bit to determine how much medical care coverage is. It  good ideas to actually talk to an agent or somebody on the phone when you're getting a quote.
You can save money on car insurance, but you have to determine whether its price or quality that you want in your policy. The good news if you're willing to do a little research you can probably come up with a policy that provides both.
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