California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program Explained

You know that driving without insurance is illegal. More so, an action that is accompanied by very many risks. No matter how safe you think you are, it will be good if you take your mind outside a comfort box of being safe and imagine a scenario where an accident occurs. Then think how safe it could be if you had insured with the California Low Cost Automobile Insurance program.
1. About the program. As the name suggests, California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program is a very accommodative something that makes it easy for everyone to afford. In fact, the cover operates on the most friendly basis and indiscriminative of anything. 
To qualify for the insurance, you are supposed to be at least 19 years of age, you have been licensed to drive for 3 years and more, you can meet the income requirements, you own a car worth 20,000 dollars or less and you have a good driving record. The program provides five payment plans that can be paid as a full annual premium or in instalments depending on the terms agreed by the insured person.
2. Policy covering in case of the risk occurrence. California insurance law compensation will cover the deaths occurring, body injury as well as the damage of the property during the accident. This works as follows: death per person or body injury 10,000 dollars, property damage per accident is 3,000 dollars and the death per accident or the bodily injury is covered with 20,000 dollars.
3. Requirements of driving in California law. It is mandatory to have a driving license in whichever corner you are driving in California. This is why the law ensures that the cost is friendly to all people driving including the driving students. 
Besides getting accident without an insurance cover, the law takes a number of lethal actions for uninsured driver. They include vehicle registration suspension; a fine that can cost you a thousand times the cost of insuring your car, your driving license can be suspended as well as the car can be impounded.
Protecting your car is the greatest treatment you can give it. This is the best way either to invest in it. Besides, you will have your journey settled. More so, the California insurance program will always keep you on check.
No matter what, California Low Cost Automobile Insurance Program is the way forward for maximum protection of your car. You can try as much as possible to control accident or risks. When they run out of your control, worry not because this insurance program will have you covered.