A Guide On Auto Insurance Claims Processing

When the times come, it won't be your job to actually process the car insurance claim, but it is certainly in your best interest to be informed as much as possible about the auto insurance claims processing in order to ensure it goes as smoothly as possible. We will provide you useful information in our article, such as how to report an accident to the insurance company, how to document auto accident damage, and how car insurance companies handle the claims. 
Reading this article before actually submitting an insurance claim can help you better understand the whole process and ensure that your claim is handling efficiently and quickly.
With auto insurance claims processing, it's difficult to make statements that apply to all situations. Much of the way how the claim is processed depends the particular situation and on the individual insurer. 
However, there are some general guidelines about how to file an auto claim. There are two main categories of situations: when you were injured in an auto accident and when there were no bodily injuries but only property damage.
The Starting Point
For more simplicity, let’s take the last case, when you will have to file a property damage claim. The first step  you should take is to contact your insurance company. Some insurance providers allow you to do that online. Whatever method you choose, probably you will be required to provide the following information:
· Your insurance policy number that can be usually found on your insurance card.
· Date and location of the accident.
· Description of the circumstances the accident occurred.
· License plate, name, address and insurance information for the other party involved in the accident.
· If applicable, name of the police department involved and police report number.
The Investigation Phase
After you file an auto insurance claim, you will be contacted shortly by a representative from the insurance company for a follow up. Your insurance provider will determine if your claim is covered by your auto insurance policy and the representative will inform you about their decision. In case that your claim is covered by your policy, you will be likely asked for more information about the circumstances of the accident.
You may be required to submit to the insurance company a copy of the police report. Your auto insurance provider may choose to interview any witnesses to the accident. The insurance company may also send one of its inspectors to evaluate your car for a repair estimate or it may require you to visit an approved auto shop for a quote. 
You are entitled to choose the auto shop of your preference but in case that your insurance company considers that the auto shop charged too much for the car repair you may be required to pay the difference.