5 Common High Risk Car Insurance Tips

An auto insurance company refers to those drivers who have marred their driving records such as having a DUI/DWI conviction or a moving violating as high-risk driver. Since these individuals still need to drive to commute to their workplace, or to be able to take care of themselves and family, there are new programs to help them deal with their higher cost of their liability when on the road. 
Here are some common high risk car insurance tips:
Look for a non-standard auto insurance
Most insurance company respond to a high risk driver with a product known as non-standard auto insurance. A non-standard auto insurance is a kind of insurance policy that covers high risk drivers and it is part of the high risk tier with its own premiums to drivers who do not have a clean driving record.
Use Policy Limits to lower the Costs
High-risk drivers with a less significant risk can bring down the premium cost by using a standard auto insurance policy, which provides less coverage. You can do this applying for a limited use policy. In this policy, the driver makes their payments according to an annual or monthly mileage. The insurance company will note down how often you drive your vehicle and then, you will be covered during that period only. This system is known as pay as you drive and it uses per mile calculations and mileage tracking system to determine the miles covered during a certain period..
Another way that you can lower your premium cost is by using deductibles where the cost of the accident is shifted more on the policy holder.
Use Assigned Risk Pools
Most states now have their own assigned risk pools where the government forces the insurance companies to give insurance premium to a high risk drivers. In this assigned risk pool, the state agency assigns the high risk driver to a specific insurance company. This ensures that the high risk driver is covered without having to shop around. In this case, the high risk driver has to produce a certificate known as SRSS to the government to prove that they have obtained the insurance that is required for them to legally stay on the roads.
Look for a group auto insurance coverage
This strategy is not common with high risk drivers who want to secure an auto insurance but a few states have now started considering cooperative auto insurance policy for group coverage. A high risk driver can get on to the auto insurance plan of his or her family if he or she is young enough or lives with the parents. This coverage is desirable to many high risk drivers but it is not available in most state.
Comparable Inquiries
When you are enquiring about high risk driver insurance coverage, ensure that you check the minimum requirement for the coverage in your state as it varies from one state to another. Underinsuring yourself means that you will be liable for all the cost that is not covered by the insurance company
First, you should determine the minimum requirements for the vehicle you want to insure and in case you want to increase these amounts, do it before you start comparing the price in different companies. Using consistent amount in different insurance company allows you to compare apples to apples. 
The above high risk car insurance tips will help you to obtain an affordable insurance policy.