10 Tips To Cheaper Auto Insurance

In this article we want to give you 10 tips to cheaper auto insurance.  These may seem like common sense things, but we have found the these are often overlooked by people.
1. Buy online. When you purchase online you can complete your application faster as well as qualify for discounts at you might not be aware of doing it manually. It cost the insurance company less to process your application when you purchase it online which is one of the reasons they can offer you a cheaper policy.
2. Take the time to shop. It's much easier to compare insurance companies thanks to the Internet so you might as well take advantage of this. A good way to dig up additional savings is to get more quotes and you do that by shopping online.
3. Purchase more products. Many insurance companies offer homeowners, life, and auto insurance policies. If you're purchasing something from one company right now you might be able to save money on your auto insurance by purchasing it with them.
4. Avoid monthly payments. Insurance companies are more than happy to let you pay them monthly because they are going to add a processing fee to every payment you make. They also might calculate interest on your policy when you're making installment payments. Chances are they will give you a discount for paying all of your premium in one long sum so that's a much better way to go if you can afford it.
5. Don't over insure yourself. You want to make sure you have plenty of auto insurance, but don't include things that you don't need.
6. Drive less. There's a reason that car loan companies charge more for a lease when you drive more than 12,000 miles a year. The same thing applies when it comes to getting cheaper auto insurance.  The less you drive the less chance you have of having an accident and this can be reflected in the price of your policy.
7. Your credit history. Car insurance companies look at your credit score to determine what your insurance premiums are going to be. Take good care of your credit and look at you or credit score often to make sure there's nothing on it that isn't yours.
8. Drive slow. The more speeding tickets you have the higher your insurance rates will be.
9. Build up your no-claims discount. One of the biggest factors affecting your car insurance premium is the number of years no-claim's discount. You could receive up to 75% discount for around 5 years of no claims.The more years you can stay claim free the safer driver your insurance company will see you as.
10. Don't add drivers to your policy. Only list the people who will actually be driving the vehicle. Be sure to take off teenagers if they're no longer driving the vehicles.
Follow these 10 tips to get cheaper auto insurance.

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